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Sport Law Dissertation Topics

1. Doping Regulations in Professional Sports

Aim: To highlight the issue of how efficient and just anti-doping rules are within professional sports.


  1. Analyse common elements existing in the anti-doping legal systems worldwide.
  2. Analyze the effects resulting from the doping regulations on athletes’ careers.
  3. Suggest changes to the present anti-doping strategies.

2. Athlete Contracts and Labor Law

Aim: To assess some of the legal issues concerning contracts and labor relations that apply to athletes.


  1. Discuss the contractual terms that are commonly associated with standard athlete’s contracts.
  2. Analyse working relationships of labor unions in athlete’s contract negotiations.
  3. Evaluate various legal cases linked to contract infringement and other employment-related matters.

3. Gender Equality in Sports Law

Aim: To examine the legal measures in relation to gender equality in sports.


  1. Evaluate the role and other similar laws for enhancing gender equity.
  2. Discuss examples of gender discrimination in sports.
  3. Suggest ways on how the legal system can be improved in order to ensure fairness and equality for female athletes.

4. Intellectual Property Rights and Sports Merchandise

Aim: To investigate the protection of IPRs in apparel and emblems related to sports.


  1. Examine trademark and copyright within the context of sports apparel.
  2. Discuss legal issues revolving around the misuse of sports logos and images.
  3. Below are ways through which IP rights in sports can be better enforced:

5. Legal Implications of Sports Injuries

Aim: To scrutinize the legal duties and risks associated with sports disabilities.


  1. Exploiting the current understanding of negligence and liability in cases of sports injury.
  2. Examine selected distinct current legal issues related to sports injuries.
  3. Suggest ways of dealing with contract risk to sports organizations.
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6. Sports Betting and Legal Regulation

Aim: To determine the legal status of sports betting and the effect that it has on sporting activities.


  1. Discuss the relative legitimacy of sports betting in various regions.
  2. Explain the effects brought about by the practice of sports betting to match-fixing and corruption.
  3. Recommend steps you believe could effectively regulate the sports to reign in malicious influences.

7. Legal Aspects of Hosting Mega Sports Events

Aim: To assess legal considerations and provisions of mega sports events such as the Olympics.


  1. Examine the laws that govern the bidding and hosting of mega sports events.
  2. Analyse examples of some legal concerns relating to host cities/countries.
  3. Explain the basic guidelines that future hosts should consider in dealing with legal issues.

8. Athlete Image Rights and Legal Protections

Aim: To understand the legal rights that belong to these athletes concerning their images.


  1. Examine legal frameworks on the image rights of athletes economically.
  2. Explain legal issues concerning the violation of rights to the use of images by athletes.
  3. Identify ways of improving the protection of Athlete’s image rights.

9. Dispute Resolution in Sports

Aim: To assess the strategies and efficiency of dispute settlement in the sphere of sports law.


  1. Identify the functions of sporting arbitration forums such as the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS).
  2. Discuss the issues pertaining to sports disputes and some samples of the decisions given on them.
  3. Analyze the opportunities for improvement of the current mechanisms of dispute resolution.

10. Anti-Discrimination Laws in Sports

Aim: To examine how far and in what ways anti-discrimination laws have helped to open up the sporting arena.


  1. Analyze the legal measures taken for racism, sexism, and homophobia in the world of sport.
  2. Examine current examples of discrimination in sports and what the outcome of the case was.
  3. Identify legal policy changes that would help to enhance anti-discrimination laws in the sports.

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