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Competition Law Dissertation Topics

1. The Role of Competition Law in the Digital Economy

Aim: To examine the types of conduct that may violate antitrust or competition laws in a digital economy or involving tech companies.


  1. Examine key issues and implications of digital monopolies and platform hegemony.
  2. Assess the current pattern of the laws regulating competition and their efficiency in the digital economy environment.
  3. Suggest changes in order to improve overall structure and operation as it relates to the digital sector or market competition.

2. Merger Control and Antitrust Regulations

Aim: To analyze the extent to which the form and structure of merger control policies might deter anti-competitive behavior.


  1. Explore the considerations that are made by the regulators when authorizing or rejecting mergers.
  2. Outline the key changes in the scene of competition after key mergers, using case examples.
  3. Evaluate the possibility of modifying existing merger control rules or enhancing them.

3. Competition Law and Cartel Enforcement

Aim: To examine the extent to which cartel enforcement has enhanced the promotion of competition in the market.


  1. Analyze the techniques that are utilized in the identification and tracking of cartels for prosecution.
  2. Examine the effects of the current cartel enforcement policies on penalties and deterrence.
  3. Suggest measures that could be implemented to improve the ability to detect and prevent the formation of cartels.

4. Abuse of Dominance in Market Competition

Aim: To understand the legal aspects of abuse in market dominance.


  1. Explain how dominance is abused under the current laws of the country.
  2. Consider the key decisional aspects and legal consequences of the important cases of abuse of dominance.
  3. Provide measures that can be put in place to enhance the regulation and prevention of dominance abuse.

5. Competition Law and Consumer Welfare

Aim: To analyze the interaction between competition policy and consumer protection.


  1. Examine the role of competition law and its objective to safeguard the interest of consumers.
  2. Develop several case instances in which competition law interventions offered or undermined the consumer.
  3. Suggest ways and means to improve the fit of competition laws to the consumer welfare framework.

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6. The Impact of Competition Law on Innovation

Aim: In order to evaluate the impacts that competition law has on innovation in particular industries.


  1. Analyze the dynamics of the competitive advantage and the promotion of innovations.
  2. Compare the effects of antitrust cases and their advancements on the innovation of sectors.
  3. Describe the area of law that safeguards competition and the area of law that fosters innovation.

7. Competition Law in Developing Economies

Aim: To examine the advancement of competition law and its problems in developing countries.


  1. Analyze distinctive factors characterizing the enforcement of competition law in developing economies.
  2. A critical evaluation of literature on competition law enforcement circumstances in developing countries.
  3. Recommendations on how competition law systems in these areas could be improved.

8. The Intersection of Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights

Aim: To analyze how competition law and intellectual property right either compete for or complement each other.


  1. Examine ways that facilitate and challenge market competition through the implementation of IP rights.
  2. A discussion of specific legal cases where competition law and protection of intellectual property rights have clashed.
  3. Suggest ways how to strike a balance between ownership of IPs and continued competitiveness.

9. Competition Law and Public Procurement

Aim: To understand the extent to which competition law can contribute to making procurement exercises as transparent as possible.


  1. Examine how competition law works in the context of public procurement.
  2. Examples of working case studies showing anti-competitive practices in public procurement.
  3. Suggest ways through which transparency and fairness in the procurement process may be achieved.

10. Extraterritorial Application of Competition Law

Aim: To discuss the main issues and consequences of the extraterritorial application of competition law.


  1. Examine the rationale for the application of competition law beyond its home states.
  2. Examine some major cooperation and coordination cases of cross-border competition law enforcement.
  3. Suggest ways to enhance cooperation in the implementation of competition law at the international level.

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