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Banking Law Dissertation Topics

1. Bank Stress Tests and Systemic Risk: Legal Systems and Their Position in Terms of Financial Stability

This study aims to examine the application of legal frameworks in the performance of stress tests on banks to avoid systemic risk and maintain stability in the financial sector.

  • To examine the legal requirements that govern bank stress tests and their application.
  • To analyse how stress tests affect risk mitigations regarding the financial system.
  • To examine several cases where stress testing helped in enhancing the stability of the financial system.

2. Legal Mechanisms for Managing Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in Banking: Recovery and Resolution

This study aims to examine the legal frameworks governing NPLs in the banking sector with a focus on recovery and resolution procedures.

  • To examine the legal factors underlying NPL recovery mechanisms.
  • To examine the strategies in terms of the resolution of NPLs.
  • To analyse the strengths and weaknesses of legal tools in tackling NPLs.

3. A Comparative Analysis of Legal Systems Governing Banks and the Bail-In Procedures

This study aims to analyse the international legal systems of bank resolution and bail-in tools.

  • To examine various legal instruments available at the international level for the resolution of banks.
  • To revise the type and use of bail-in techniques in varied jurisdictions.
  • To evaluate these legal frameworks as to their effectiveness and as to the challenges that would be encountered here.

4. Legal Aspects of Bank Asset Securitization: Risk Management, Disclosure, and Meeting Regulatory Requirements

This study aims to explore different types of violence against animals, including abandonment, torture, and use in entertainment and industries and then propose the enhancement of animal protection laws.

  • To record instances of animal abuse and cruelty
  • To investigate the issue of animals being used for entertainment purposes
  • To explore the effects of industrialisation on animal welfare.

5. Legal Considerations in Cross-Border Bank Mergers

This paper aims to discuss the factors that have led to the process of regulatory harmonization and the different challenges that are associated with the process.

  • To study the legal mandates governing the operations of cross-border bank mergers.
  • To explain the difficulties in the process of regulation harmonisation.
  • To discuss the thematic analysis of cross-border bank M&As.
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6. Legal Challenges of Bank Data Breaches: Liability Laws; Consumer Protection Laws and Cybersecurity Laws

This study aims to dissect the legal issues that arise from bank data breaches based on liability, consumers’ protection, and laws relating to cybersecurity.

  • To examine the legal risk concerns that stem from banks’ data violations.
  • To analyse legal measures concerning the protection of consumers in the case of data breaches.
  • To examine how much protection cyber security laws offer in combating an act of breach.

7. The Role of Credit Rating Agencies in Banking Regulation

This study aims to find the significance of credit rating agencies in the area of banking regulation particularly in legal framework and investor protection.

  • To identify the legal structure of credit rating agencies.
  • To explain how credit ratings help and harm investor protection.

8. The Role of Data Analytics and AI in Banking Regulation: Legal Considerations and Possibilities

This paper aims to discuss the way analytical data and artificial intelligence are being used in banking regulation and the legal issues as well as opportunities that are attached to it.

  • To examine the regulatory issues that exist regarding the incorporation of AI in banks.
  • To discover new ways of increasing regulation using data analytics and AI.

9. The case studies of AI applications that have been successfully launched in banking regulation.

This paper is aimed at identifying legal considerations in the rehabilitation of foreign debts as well as assessing the effect of legal factors for the rehabilitation of sovereign debts to banking institutions.

  • To study and evaluate laws that govern debt restructuring of sovereign countries.
  • To explain the effect of debt restructuring on banks.
  • To analyse various country-specific cases of defaults involving the reorganisation of sovereign debts related to banking entities.

10. Legal Mechanisms for Regulating Digital Identity Verification in Banking

This study aims to find ways of legally controlling the usage of digital ID for the banking industry with references to privacy, security and the consent of a customer.

  • To discuss the privacy issues of digital identification.
  • To identify the security needs of the digital identity processes.

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